Test Menu Optimization

As testing technologies advance, laboratory test menus evolve. Our insightful planning and modernized strategies for test menu optimization and utilization are key for driving superior lab efficiency. We provide continuous monitoring of laboratory tests to expertly develop the right combination of local and reference testing.

Our Enhancement Methodology

It is critical for labs of all sizes to offer patients a comprehensive menu of tests for optimal customer satisfaction – yet, you must also consider your own financial needs. By opting for cost effective methods and understanding exactly how to get the most out of your lab partners, you can achieve a broader menu of tests on a more effective budget.


Accumen breaks down the necessary optimization requirements into four steps.

Step 1: Test Placement

We work closely with hospital laboratories and reference lab partners to assess where tests are being conducted. Through personalized analysis, we are able to determine optimal cost efficient opportunities to place tests and achieve higher quality patient care.

Step 2: Test Sourcing

To ensure the best fit for health system and laboratory needs, we develop strategic relationships with high-quality reference labs – this optimizes lab spend and overall patient experience.

Step 3: Test Utilization

We look at hospital labs, pathology groups, reference lab partners, physicians best practices and help you apply these learnings and approaches to your organization.

Step 4: Accumen Cross-Portfolio Leverage

Being collaborative helps us continuously grow our network across the country. We provide unique opportunities for our partners to leverage one another’s resources and testing capabilities. We have a nationwide view of the labs and partners that can best fill gaps in resource or testing capabilities, and can help you find and engage with “right-sized” partners that address your needs. That’s the power of being part of the Accumen family.