Service Line Optimization

Our approach to lab excellence begins with service line efficiency. We work alongside laboratory professionals to determine a series of custom initiatives geared at implementing sustainable improvements and eliminating waste. Service line optimization can revitalize your entire health system and deliver a higher value of care to your patients.

Understanding Your Current Operation

To help laboratories create stronger, more efficient service lines, we assess your current practices against our maturity framework – evaluating people, processes, and technological capabilities and outcomes. From this, we are able to discover system-wide opportunities for revenue and operational improvements as well as find ways to modernize your service line performance.

Health systems are constantly changing and sometimes traditional practices are not enough. By determining your lab’s long term goals and needs, we map a strategy to stay ahead of market competition and produce superior service for your patients. Our service line experts not only integrate into your system but also continue to provide guidance in the changing industry to keep your plan in motion – providing updates and dedicated resources to evolve with the times.

Creating a Real Difference

Service line optimization provides a unique opportunity to transform your lab in all areas – from ROI to overall quality and utilization rates. Through Lean Six Sigma expertise and operational best practices, we are able to methodically reduce inefficiencies and assess time management, over production and processing, and inventory processes.

The ultimate result is a streamlined structure that incorporates efficient patient flow, clinical improvements, physician satisfaction, and a huge reduction in costs. Combined with the fully integrated lab excellence programs, service line optimization generates great value for your system.