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Accumen’s World-Class Patient Blood Management (PBM) Approach is Now Available to Meet Every Program at its Point of Need

Accumen’s PBM Select™, a new approach to PBM, offers flexibility in configuration, timing, and pricing. Accumen is the only company to offer such a customizable approach that drives measurable success toward meeting program goals. Whether you are just starting to implement a PBM program or looking to accelerate your current program, PBM Select™ and its core Components – Performance, Knowledge, and Analytics – are purpose-built to provide any PBM program with what it needs and when it needs it.

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  • Provides a better way to be better stewards of our most precious natural resource
  • Capable of supporting any PBM program, driving measurable results while keeping patient care the primary focus
  • Offers a Clinical Contact Center, PBM Select Education and Awareness Platforms, and access to PBM Select™ Performance Reports and Physician Scorecards
  • Saves time and energy and allows hospital and health system teams to focus and accelerate results
  • Allows clinicians to focus on implementing and nurturing your PBM program (rather than reinventing the wheel)
  • Every year hospitals spend more than $30 billion on blood acquisition and transfusion-associated costs1
  • Studies show 40-60% of blood transfusions are avoidable or unnecessary2
  • Patients are experiencing adverse outcomes as a result of inappropriate transfusions
  • Blood costs are increasing as blood providers look to offset lower demand from effective PBM programs
  • Operational costs are increasing while reimbursements are decreasing

1Shander A, Ozawa S, Hofmann A. Activity -based costs of plasma transfusion in medical and surgical inpatients at a US hospital. Vox Sanguinis. 2016
2Transfus Med Rev. 2011 Jul;25(3):232-246

The Accumen Clinical Optimization Team and Medical Advisory Council have over 100 years of collective experience implementing successful, sustainable PBM programs in over 200 hospitals across the U.S. Our shared knowledge and experience is now available in PBM SelectTM.

  • Reduction in blood acquisition costs - patient volume adjusted (single client, 3-year partnership)

  • Reduction in blood acquisition costs – patient value adjusted (large, 14-hospital health system, 3-year period)

  • Decrease in RBC utilization within first 12 months (large, 14-hospital health system)

  • Transfusion exposures avoided from baseline period (14-hospital, single client, 3-year partnership)

  • Platelet transfusion reduction from baseline - patient volume adjusted (single client, 3-year partnership)

  • Plasma transfusion reduction from baseline - patient volume adjusted (single client, 3-year partnership)

Any Hospital. Any Health System. Anywhere.


This is not a one size fits all solution. PBM SelectTM provides a customizable, configurable approach to meet immediate needs and build toward future opportunities with both self-directed and Accumen-led components. PBM SelectTM utilizes people, process, and technology to drive measurable performance improvement in patient quality and safety. PBM SelectTM is now available to any hospital, any health system, anywhere.

What You Need When You Need It

Comprehensive Patient Blood Management is a LOT of work. It takes years and thousands of hours to create educational presentations and tools, develop policies, procedures, and protocols, create transfusion reports, as well as establish and support the right infrastructure and PBM analytics. All of these resources are now at your fingertips in PBM SelectTM, its core components: Performance, Knowledge, and Analytics, powered by Accumen’s proprietary healthcare technology platform: the Accumen® Performance SuiteTM.

  • Need
    With so many competing initiatives, hospitals struggle to build and support a successful PBM program.

    The Performance component provides the expertise and direction of our team of experts. This team empowers physicians, nurses, and clinicians in hospitals and health systems to focus on accelerating performance improvements that will shorten the time needed to achieve measurable financial value and improved clinical outcomes.

    One of a Kind Feature
    Accumen PBM SelectTM Clinical Contact Center

  • Need
    Available resources are limited or outdated.

    The Knowledge component supplies the user with templates and resources to create and maintain a best-in-class blood management program, including video education on everything from industry advances to current trends from Accumen’s Medical Advisory Council, some of the most renowned experts in the industry.

    One of a Kind Feature
    Accumen PBM SelectTM Education and Awareness Platform

  • Need
    Current hospital data is either non-existent or antiquated.

    The Analytics component provides a resource to ingest hospital data and provides transfusion-related benchmarks and scorecards that provide meaningful and actionable intelligence proven to drive change in clinical behaviors and processes.

    One of a Kind Feature
    Accumen PBM SelectTM Performance Reports

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Disclaimer:  Accumen has no authority, responsibility or liability with respect to any clinical decisions made by – or in connection with – a provider’s laboratory, patient blood management, or other operations.  Nothing herein and no aspect of any services provided by Accumen is intended – or shall be deemed – to subordinate, usurp or otherwise diminish any providers’ sole authority and discretion with respect to all clinical decision-making for its patients.