Outreach management enables labs to work with local physicians, grow their revenue, and increase their overall assets. By providing a complete solution, we are able to outline the right customized plan for your lab from beginning to end.

An effective outreach program is dependent upon laboratory management and the ability to look objectively at the required capabilities and infrastructure needs. We work directly with your lab to provide tools and guidance to build the right partnerships between hospitals, health systems, and physicians, and build the connective technology necessary to reach your objectives.

Strategic Planning

Establishing a working outreach program for your hospital requires a sustainable, competitive solution that will effectively capture additional opportunities in the market. We implement powerful health system sales and account management teams trained to secure and retain outreach laboratory test volume.

By looking at your current infrastructures, Accumen is able to optimize patient service centers, logistics, customer service and outreach billing. We are also able to leverage the largest number of opportunities for labs, we facilitate connections to an extensive array of physician platforms and a dedicated integration team that effectively manages electronic orders and results.

Build and Grow a Sustainable, Competitive Program

Our outreach services include:

Profitable Partnerships

Most labs benefit from outside help in order to increase quantity, bring in higher revenue, and produce the best offerings to their patients and physicians. Accumen helps labs evaluate the market need for this, building relationships, systems, and processes between hospitals and local physicians through integration of quality maintenance, sales, and customer service.

Modernized Technology

The power of effective technology can instantly give you a competitive edge when it comes to outreach. To leverage the largest number of opportunities, we facilitate connections to an extensive array of physician platforms and a dedicated integration team that manages effective portal order entry and electronics results delivery.

Comprehensive Solution and Consultation

We provide not only the best technological access and lab management capabilities to update your organization, but also the true understanding of how to effectively improve ROI, provide better customer satisfaction and ultimately attain your health system’s goals.


We deliver real results:

  • 12%

    Annual Outreach Revenue Growth

  • 15%

    Annual Outreach Volume Growth

  • 97%

    Same-day testing (in by 1pm out by 4pm)

  • 99%

    EMR Implementation in less than 30 days

  • 98%

    Couriers on-time pick up and delivery

  • 10 min

    Average PSC Wait Time


Over the past year, Mount Carmel Outreach has experienced growth of approximately 18.5% in net patient revenue and 47.5% growth in operating margin before indirect expenses.

Sean McKibben President, Chief Operating Officer
Mount Carmel West Hospital

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