Lab Management Excellence

We work in partnership with hospitals and health systems to individually customize lab transformation solutions proven to decrease lab costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient care. By offering a variety of detailed optimization, management and consultation services, we are able to formulate a personalized strategy to transform any laboratory operation.

The Accumen approach enables health systems to retain control of care, while effectively learning how to easily modernize their laboratory to achieve measurable improvements and ultimate lab utilization and productivity.

Take Your Operation to the Next Level

We work with you. We’re not here to outsource your lab or offer complicated consulting reports. We give you the tools to take your lab from good to great.

At the end of the day, we are dedicated to improving the quality of patient outcomes. By driving laboratory excellence through sustainable improvements in cost, quality, service, and outreach growth we drive change.

Accumen provides the full spectrum of laboratory excellence. Our combined expertise in laboratory operations, blood utilization, outreach management, supply chain management, and test menu optimization makes us uniquely positioned to deliver the most impactful strategies.

Strong on Execution

Drive operational excellence that results in improved savings, quality, growth, and patient care.

Our Lab Excellence solution includes the following components:

Service Line Optimization

Enhance patient care, improve physician satisfaction, and reduce the total cost of care by optimizing and modernizing your lab service lines. Get more info

Integrated Lab Supply Management

Find cost savings through strategic sourcing negotiations, purchasing, efficient inventory, and materials management. Get more info

Test Menu Optimization

Drive efficiencies through test menu optimization and utilization planning. And through  continual test monitoring, you can ensure you have the right mix of local and reference testing. Get more info

Patient Blood Management

Deliver better patient outcomes, utilize less blood, and reduce your overall blood spend. We help your team drive significant benefits across physicians, health systems and blood providers. Get more info

Outreach Program Management

Maximize laboratory assets, increase engagement with local physicians, and extend your presence in the community. We’ll help you build and grow a sustainable, competitive outreach program to capture additional opportunities in the market. Get more info


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