Integrated Lab Supply Chain

Discover how your lab can be revolutionized through our strategic sourcing negotiations, vendor partnerships, and materials management initiatives.

We take the time to understand your lab’s specific needs and identify the best ways to reduce supply chain and reference lab costs without compromising quality or laboratory workflow efficiency. Our team of supply chain experts will reduce your overall lab expense, while also improving technology and patient care. By simplifying your service model using Lean principles, we can minimize inventory and create effective material management processes without sacrificing the lab’s ability to perform tests or produce timely results.

Our Process

With a wide range of industry experience and supply chain knowledge, our team is able to provide the execution discipline necessary to provide quality sourcing strategies, vendor evaluations, and contract negotiation tactics to help improve and contain costs for your hospital or health system.

We are able to scale our service offerings to meet your direct needs and align them with your goals. Both tactically and operationally, we provide streamlined, strategic sourcing processes for your supply chain management requirements.

To accomplish this, we apply a proven framework:

  • Develop a long-term strategy for the supply chain system.
  • Identify specific initiatives that will simplify and improve processes.
  • Consult with your lab on ways to implement new strategies for inventory and materials management.
  • Utilize proprietary benchmarking tools and industry knowledge to provide sustainable results.
  • Determine repatriation opportunities resulting in increased lab revenue, while reducing costs and turnaround time for results.