Whether your issues involve workflow, laboratory design and space planning, productivity, quality, or financial performance, Accumen’s Consulting Team partners with your lab to help you identify the right growth strategies, cost reduction initiatives and implement customized solutions to improve performance in your hospital or health system clinical laboratory. Even those labs with great efficiency can benefit by optimizing the lab through continuous improvement. Utilizing our consolidation and integration expertise, we are able to maximize overall lab performance and create a stronger organizational design, powerful outreach opportunities, and integrate the latest lab technology.

Value Beyond The Numbers

We know every lab is different and that is why we’ve customized each of our services to provide fact-based analysis and strategies exclusively for your individual needs. The solutions that come from our consultative efforts are designed to deliver significant and lasting value for your lab, even after we leave.

Our consulting services include assessments and integrated solutions for:

Lab Strategy

We work with you to assess, recommend, and implement new strategies to streamline your daily workflow and create a stronger foundation – resulting in higher retention, reduced lab costs, and better outreach across the community.

Lab Operations

In order to provide improvements, we partner with your team to streamline your lab data into accessible, accurate, and actionable intelligence that identifies key performance metrics and helps to prioritize the biggest opportunities.

Lab Supply Chain

High performing laboratories must closely manage unique and complex supply chain needs. Through our fully integrated lab supply chain assessment, we will look at your lab’s strategic sourcing negotiations, supply inventory, and materials management to fully optimize the process and achieve measurable financial goals.

Lab Outreach

As one of the most important ways to increase revenue, outreach management is critical to any lab. We help you maximize laboratory assets, increase engagement with local physicians, and extend your presence in the community resulting in powerful growth for your organization.

Lab Technology

Connectivity between hospital-based laboratories and the physician community is critical and plays a pivotal role in the provision of health care. We work collaboratively to establish the best IT resources for your lab and in turn, help to improve the quality of patient care, work flow, and productivity.