Bring greater efficiency and cost savings to your lab through our web-based benchmarking solution designed for hospital and independent laboratories. Developed through decades of laboratory best practice research, our technology provides accessible and accurate intelligence to help continually improve your lab’s processes and performance.

Powerful Benefits and Actionable Results

By comparing your lab’s performance against others, you will be able to identify opportunities for improvement and manage your overall performance over time. Benchmarking can help gain executive support for strategic initiatives and enable you to utilize the meaningful comparative data you receive for budgeting and cost efficiency.

Our innovative, on-demand benchmarking solution offers web-based technology that enables labs to have 24-hour access to their module and provides them with a convenient, easy-to-use data upload format. This streamlined method of reporting leads to automated key performance indicators and immediate identification of opportunity areas for your lab.

Chi IQ® Benchmarking

Our in-depth web solution provides extensive data and research with support from our experienced analysts to make the process simple.

Our benchmarking solution offers the following unique features:

  • Utilization of our Relative Value Unit (RVU) System™, a test complexity measure process
  • Test complexity indexing by CPT code for valid peer comparison
  • Tutorials, training, and support for seamless setup and use
  • Web-based interface accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Rank performance of labs, including multi-hospital systems
  • Consistent data validation, test counting, and expense and FTE allocation

Accumen Lab Value Diagnostic

The Accumen LVD TM (Lab Value Diagnostic) is a proprietary Lab Excellence Index used to assess your existing initiatives and plans in the areas of cost, quality, service, people, and growth. This opportunity assessment looks for deeper areas of development for your lab and determines immediate patterns to achieve greater value and higher performance.