Our comprehensive approach helps your lab discover the best tools to create real, meaningful, and measurable results. We look at the inner workings of your lab, from people and process to technology currently in place, and work directly with you to drive higher quality, better overall service, and implement unparalleled cost efficiency practices.

Our strategic process and innovative technologies help your leadership and lab staff retain control while partnering with our advisory team to transform your lab from a transactional service to a truly efficient, strategic service.

  • Lab Management Excellence

    We work side by side with health systems of all sizes to retain, evolve, and optimize your laboratory. Our team can uncover opportunities for increased efficiency and help lab operations identify the right growth strategies – resulting in increased revenue, cost savings, and improved patient care.

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  • New! Imaging ExcellenceTM

    With the high visibility and impact of imaging throughout a hospital or health system, achieving Imaging Excellence™ should be a key strategic priority for any hospital or health system that seeks to compete in today’s healthcare environment. Accumen’s performance improvement methods focus on ensuring the patient experience is paramount while optimizing operations, implementing efficiencies, and clinical initiatives that guide better quality of care.

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  • New! PBM SelectTM

    Accumen’s PBM Select™, a new approach to PBM, offers flexibility in configuration, timing, and pricing. Accumen is the only company to offer such a customizable approach that drives measurable success toward meeting program goals. Whether you are just starting to implement a PBM program or looking to accelerate your current program, PBM Select™ is purpose-built to provide any PBM program with what it needs and when it needs it.

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  • Consulting

    We know every lab is different and that’s why we’ve customized each of our services to provide fact-based analysis and strategies exclusively for your individual needs. The solutions that come from our consultative efforts are designed to deliver significant and lasting benefits to your lab, even after we leave.

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  • New! Lab Outreach SelectTM

    We’ll help you build and grow a sustainable, competitive outreach program to capture additional opportunities in the market. Our program is designed to maximize laboratory assets, increase engagement with local physicians, and extend your presence in the community.

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  • Technology

    Our proprietary suite of innovative technology solutions enable real-time results and accurate decision-making for optimized hospital and independent laboratories.

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