Our comprehensive approach helps your lab discover the best tools to create real, meaningful, and measurable results. We look at the inner workings of your lab, from people and process to technology currently in place, and work directly with you to drive higher quality, better overall service, and implement unparalleled cost efficiency practices.

Our strategic process and innovative technologies help your leadership and lab staff retain control while partnering with our advisory team to transform your lab from a transactional service to a truly efficient, strategic service.

  • Consulting

    We know every lab is different and that’s why we’ve customized each of our services to provide fact-based analysis and strategies exclusively for your individual needs. The solutions that come from our consultative efforts are designed to deliver significant and lasting benefits to your lab, even after we leave.

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  • Lab Management Excellence

    We work side by side with health systems of all sizes to retain, evolve, and optimize your laboratory. Our team can uncover opportunities for increased efficiency and help lab operations identify the right growth strategies – resulting in increased revenue, cost savings, and improved patient care.

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  • Service Line Optimization

    Our approach starts with researching and assessing your current laboratory service lines compared to our maturity framework. We then evaluate laboratory needs, opportunities, and aspirations and craft a custom, detailed strategy to improve labor productivity and supply chain savings.

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  • Integrated Lab Supply Chain

    Our fully integrated lab supply chain capabilities produce proven maximum cost savings and improved utilization rates across your laboratory. Our management solution focuses on sourcing strategies, vendor evaluations, and effective management processes to maximize value.

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  • Test Menu Optimization

    As technology advances, lab test menus evolve, making it difficult for health systems to adapt fast enough. We work closely with labs to monitor and evaluate the menu of tests conducted and develop strategic relationships with lab partners to ensure the greatest possible value.

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  • Patient Blood Management

    We help your lab utilize less blood and reduce overall blood spend to drive better patient outcomes. Our program focuses on evidence-based practices and strategies designed to improve transfusion utilization and safety. Our proven approach delivers results and aligns health system, physician, and blood provider objectives.

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  • Outreach

    We’ll help you build and grow a sustainable, competitive outreach program to capture additional opportunities in the market. Our program is designed to maximize laboratory assets, increase engagement with local physicians, and extend your presence in the community.

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  • Benchmarking

    Our innovative, on-demand benchmarking solution offers web-based technology that enables labs to have 24-hour access to their module and provides them with a convenient, easy-to-use data upload format. This streamlined method of reporting leads to automated key performance indicators and immediate identification of opportunity areas for your lab.

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