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Discover your lab’s hidden potential. Your lab can be so much more than a transactional support service. It can be strategic. After all, your lab is at the heart of your hospital’s operations and care continuum.

Accumen can help your lab become a powerful new revenue and profitability drive for your organization. By applying our research, expertise, and industry knowledge to your lab, we can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and achieve your ultimate clinical goals.


Results We Deliver

  • Cost Savings

    Streamline processes, make quality improvements, and identify hidden expenses to help your lab reduce overall costs.

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  • Quality & Service Improvement

    Improve your laboratory’s overall quality – including accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of lab results.

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  • Growth

    Drive growth through increased lab capacity and physician outreach efforts.

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  • Strategy

    Set a plan that solves your most difficult laboratory challenges and helps you see your lab more strategically.

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Your Outcome

Reduce Costs

We take a comprehensive, collaborative approach to helping your team find cost savings. What makes us unique is that our business model ensures that client savings are delivered first, before Accumen shares in any additional savings.

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Improve Quality & Service

We work with your lab to achieve measurable quality improvements through a holistic approach to people, process, and technology.

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Drive Growth

We’ll help your lab harness untapped capacity and revenue by taking your lab’s performance from good to great. Our physician outreach programs foster strong relationships that encourage lab utilization – and ultimately increased revenue.

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Define Strategy

Set a plan that solves your most difficult laboratory challenges and helps you see your lab more strategically.

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In less than 12 months, we experienced results that exceeded all our expectations, achieving rapid reductions in blood utilization and costs while sharpening our focus on anemia management and blood loss.

Mary Beth Kingston
Chief Nursing Officer, Aurora Health

Ready to transform your lab from good to great? We can help improve your hospital’s costs, quality, and patient care.